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Are you feeling stuck in your career, relationship, or life?

Do you want more happiness and success?

Does it feel like you are constantly struggling to get ahead but continue to falls short?

You are not alone!

Many people are feeling the same way. The question is, "How do you get unstuck and move forward in your life?" The answer? Replace your habits. Replacing your habits builds confidence, reduces stress, and gets you on track to achieve your biggest goals. You will improve your health and wellness, have more energy, and your mindset will shift. In You Have the Keys, Now Drive, the author Danny Stone takes you on a coaching self-reflection journey. He asks you powerful questions that get you thinking differently and he lays out a strategy to help you take massive action right now. His book has been described as "an interactive life-help book that is a must read" by one reader.

The first release of this book was in 2014, since then, the reaction has been overwhelmingly positive. People from around the globe have been sending Danny messages about how the book has helped them take control of their lives and become better versions of themselves. He is inspiring people to stop living in the middle and walk towards they live they deserve.

In this revised edition, you will discover more powerful tools and resources on developing a sleep routine and the power of getting the right amount of sleep. Danny added more details about why you must have a Morning Ritual and how it will absolutely change your life. You will love the "Try This" at the end of each chapter. They are activities that you can try right away to help you build stronger positive habits that will lead to big changes in your life.

This book will give you practical tools and activities that you can incorporate into your life as you are reading the book, that will teach you how to take control of your life.

Danny shares his more than 10 years of coaching experience, his own personal transformation story, and lessons from his clients to show you how ANYTHING is possible in your life.

What if there was a not so obvious secret guaranteed to transform any area of your life, easier and faster than you ever thought possible? The key to losing weight, increasing energy, getting better sleep and managing stress is understanding how habits work. Using this book you will be able to implement new habits into your life immediately. You’ll learn strategies for dealing with temptation without having to rely on willpower. This book is a definitive source for building habits that stick.

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A ​Quick Look at the 5 Keys and 5 Habits

​5 Keys to Personal Change

​What are the keys? The keys are life lessons that will prepare and shift your mind to begin to take action. These life lessons must be in place in order to make the changes you want to make to live the life you want to live.

5 Habits to Personal Change

​What are the habits? The habits are daily powerful actions that you will take to build more confidence, increase health and wellness and achieve your biggest goals. These habits are the core building blocks to more success, happiness and fulfillment in your life right now.


The key to having a long, meaningful life is to first, see it for yourself. Setting a vision is your WHY for waking up everyday. Your vision is you and your are your vision. You will learn to set your vision for your life and use it as your driving force to pursue the life you want. When you have a vision you make better life decisions and choices that are aligned with what;s important to you.


​How do you start each day? Do you have a morning ritual? A ritual are activities that you look forward to every morning that set up your day, week, month and year for success. Your ritual is one of the most important things you will do to reduce stress, achieve your goals, increase your health, and drive your mental and physical health.


​Who are you really? It's a question that most people cannot answer. You are not your job title or roles that you play such as wife or husband or parent, who are you are your core is what you will explore in this key. When you know who you are and what you stand for you stay connected to your values and beliefs and make valued based decisions.


​How you wake up and go to sleep determines your level success and happiness. Your bedtime routine is important to setting up the next day to be productive and prepare for your  morning ritual and to ensure you get a good night sleep. You will learn how to develop your bedtime routine to ensure you wake up the next day ready to take action.


​Giving yourself permission to fail opens the door for the expectation to succeed. The most successful people in the world have failed over and over and in failure they have learned lessons that open the door the achievement of their biggest dreams. You will learn how to use failure as lessons to prepare you to follow your curiosity and take action on your goals.


​You have big dreams and it is time to unlock them from wherever you buried them and dust them off because now is the time to take action. You are going to learn a super simple, highly effective goal setting strategy that will shift your mindset and teach you the 6 goal-setting pillars that will help you achieve ANYTHING you want.


​How do you find your true gift or talent? Where is your life purpose? It is at the end of your curiosity. This lesson will teach you the importance of having the discipline to follow your curiosity. Your life opens up when you step outside of your comfort zone and explore new things. Change hap​pens when you take risks and try new things and it will lead you to where you are meant to be.  


​Without your health nothing else matters. On your quest to live your potential or be of service to others, you must take time to care for yourself. It is important to eat healthier, exercise your mind and body and take time to connect on a spiritual level. To live a fulfilled life it is necessary to ensure you are making time to care for your mind, body and spirit. You will learn how to do this in as little as a few minutes each day.


​You are who you associate with the most. If you hang around negative, unproductive people then you will most-likely be one yourself. If you spend time with productive, positive, GOAL-GETTERS you will most likely be successful. You will learn the importance of developing a network of people that support and encourage you to live up to your potential.


At the end of your days and you look back at your life, what contributions do you want to have made to your family, friends, and society? Living a giving life is living a meaningful life and you do truly attract what you put out into the universe. This habit will help you hone in on how you can use your talents and gifts to be of service to those who need you the most.

​What People Are Saying...

John Doe UI/UX Designer

After reading the book and underlining almost everything and doing the exercises, I realized it was time to leave a job which no longer brought me joy and satisfaction. I've since found the courage to leave and pursue a slightly different directions that has always intrigued me and I couldn't be happier about it.

- Margo, TV Producer
John Doe UI/UX Designer

As an entrepreneur, I found the exercises within Danny's book extremely insightful and helpful! I wish i had this book earlier in my career. I would recommend it to anyone who is self-employed or thinking about taking the big step towards working for themselves."

- Sean, Actor, Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker
John Doe UI/UX Designer

If you're determined to change your life and contemplating where to start, Danny Stone's You Have the Keys, Now Drive can help.

- Nadine, Entrepreneur, Writer

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Danny Stone

Author / Speaker /

Teacher / Coach

About the Author

​​Danny Stone is an Author, Speaker, Personal Development Teacher and Coach that has dedicated his life to helping people build their confidence, change their habits, and achieve their biggest goals. He calls himself "Your Life Co-pilot" helping you navigate your way to becoming your best self. Danny has helped hundreds of people take massive action and transform their lives. He believes that every person has everything they need to change their lives, they just need to change their habits.


Trudy Stone is a certified culinary expert, speaker and the founder of Eat Live and Play. She self-hacked her own mind and body to lose 30lbs and now helps other women do the same.
Through her one-on-one coaching and online programs, she’s passionate about empowering women to build healthier habits, increase their confidence, and take the confusion out of healthy living.

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